A Spiritual Cleaning


I think of fresh air, cool breezes and sunshine when I hear the word spring.  Those feelings always put me in the mood to spring clean my home.  I like to deep clean when seasons change.  It’s a time to bring renewal and freshness to our homes.  Declutter those junk drawers, dust off those tables and shine up those mirrors.  Spring cleaning can be a lot of work and honestly, I don’t always enjoy it.  I like the result, but not the process of getting there.  That’s why all that junk builds up in those drawers and the dust gets extra thick because you just don’t feel like it. 


We all know that spring cleaning can make our homes feel new.  What if we took the same approach to cleaning our spiritual homes?  Taking the time to declutter our minds and clear the dust off our hearts should be a priority.  I know life tries to tell us different, but we must deep clean our souls.   Like spring cleaning, it means first realizing that there is dirt below the surface.  It doesn’t matter if we are examining the conditions of our homes or our hearts and minds, the process is bound to get you dirty.

Whether we are on our knees scrubbing woodworks or before the Lord, there is a cost and a reward. The cost is your time, energy and commitment.  The reward in cleaning your home gives you a sense of accomplishment and a sense of peace.  The same reward is found in cleaning your heart and mind. When you dispose of things that add no value to your life, you make room for things that do.  Clutter in your mind and heart creates a distraction and causes a lack of peace. 


We challenge you this season to dust off your thinking, clean out your mouth and cleanse your heart.  Get into God’s word so you can speak His word over your life.  Mediate on that word, so His thoughts become your thoughts. Ask Him to search your heart and remove anything that is not of or like him. 


Ask yourself some hard questions! 

·         What spiritual dirt has been accumulating inside you?

·          What are the habitual patterns of thinking you want to change? 

·         Who haven’t you forgiven? 

·         What emotion has built up inside you that your ready to clear out? 

Let’s clean up and clear out so that we can invite GOD and others to live in the center of our homes and our hearts.  Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.




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