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Do you find yourself not being able to move "on"?  

Are you weighed down with emotional baggage?

Wondering why your past keeps showing up in your present?

Do you desire to walk in freedom but don't know how?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and have been troubled with hurt, heartache, anger, doubt, self-esteem or bitterness; then this upfront, thought-provoking personal account is the read for you!

Take the journey to be "Made Whole" with Yahshikiah, as she shares her very personal and intimate struggles on becoming a confident woman who is  MADE WHOLE! You will be captivated by stories that uplift, encourage, and help you grow both emotionally and spiritually.


"Thank you much for being transparent in your book "Made Whole". It was truly a blessing & rawness that has brought revelations to my life, & past experiences." 

-Sharena Davenport


"The "Made Whole" book came out at a time and age in my life where I was beginning to think about my purpose. Pastor Yah's willingness to be open about the things she went through and her ability to forgive, that eventually helped her to walk in purpose was an eye opener for me. I began to write notes, forgive and forget the things that were hindering me, and became okay with the things I that I couldn't change. I can honestly say that "Made Whole" has been a blessing in my life and is a part of the foundation of me walking in my purpose that God is envisioning for me. I am forever grateful for the reading of this book!!"

-Remi J.


"This book is absolutely amazing! Reading your story has gave me a new outlook on a lot of things. You are an inspiration to myself and others!!!"

-Shanicia Hanson

"Made Whole has completely changed my life!. Since reading the book, I look at life delicately. This book has helped reopen wounds that were cauterized. It provoked an emotional stirring in my life. Areas where I was numb, I began to feel again. I began to heal again, but with support from a great network of people. Lady Yah's transparency in this book has helped me to become a better woman, mother, and daughter to the most High! If you're not ready for change, then this isn't the book for you. I can't wait for the next piece from such a polished Woman of God." 

-Brittany R.


  • Authentic and heartfelt stories

  • Transparent tools for healing